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Berny Dohrmann

Chairman, CEO Space International

"Hugh Ballou speaks at CEO Space in the presence of the leading trainers in the world including Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, leading law firms, Chuck Vollmer, Dr. David Gruder and hundreds of other celebrity trainers. When Hugh teaches all these "trainers" are in the room - because frnakly Hugh is off the chart amazing in hard content."

Lauren E. Miller

Bestselling Author & Speaker

"When a human being moves from the inside out, the world lights up! Hugh Ballou is an inspired soul with profound wisdom and skills that empower humanity to work to their fullest potential. He weaves in his gift of leadership, creativity, intuitive guidance and extensive experience into a perfoemance that truly inspires and motivates all who gather. From the moment he walks out on stage, the audience is captivated and involved. I highly recommend Hugh for any event."